• STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts, and Math) is a hands on approach to learning that provides opportunities for students to develop 21st century skills (real world problem solving, collaboration, time management, perseverance, and “thinking outside the box”). Students are encouraged to think critically and to value the perspectives of others.

    The curriculum used in our PK program is focused around providing students many opportunities to explore STREAM concepts. Our preschool teachers encourage exploration and self discovery by providing enriching experiences for the students such as gardening, block building, and science investigations.

    STREAM concepts are interwoven within the curriculum each day in our self-contained Kindergarten - Grade 2 classrooms. Teachers use a variety of methods to provide hands-on opportunities for students to explore STREAM. Our STREAM teacher also visits the classroom once a week to provide additional STREAM experiences. Twice a quarter, students visit our new Innovation Lab.

    Another important part of our STREAM program is our STREAM dedicated class for students in grades 3-5. This special cross-curricular, multi-faceted class is held in our Innovation Lab. The  STREAM class is an integrated course taught through inquiry-based learning, teaching students to acquire knowledge through experience, exploration, and critical thinking. Students learn the engineering design process, use technology as a learning tool, and apply artistic and mathematical reasoning to find solutions to real world problems.

    Building on their previous exposure to STREAM concepts, our middle school students participate in a wide variety of STREAM electives. Each student selects one year long course and four quarterly courses. Elective courses are held twice a week. STREAM elective choices include courses such as coding, robotics, stagecraft, drama, choir, and 3D printing.